Course Structure

Course Structure

The Course is laid out as a series of sub-topics, and relevant quizzes. However, in order to progress through the topics, it is necessary to follow a structured sequence.

For example, you have to achieve a minimum score in a quiz, else you will not be granted access to the next topic/quiz**.


Yes!!! That’s how you progress. As you can see, the subsequent lessons will get unlocked only after you attain a minimum score in the previous quiz (e.g. In the first quiz, you have to get 4 out of 5 questions correct, else you will not be permitted to proceed . . . For every quiz, you are to solve the questions on paper, and enter only the answers (It is recommended that you have a separate book for this course).

The questions in the quiz are random, so, every time you attempt the quiz, the questions will be different; even after “passing”, you may want to repeat the quiz for more practice!!



  • Questions are NOT from the textbook – the course intends to build the competency of the students, and not to be a “solution-set” for “homework
  • There are no questions like “Show that . . . .”, “Prove that . . .”, “Draw a graph . . .”, etc. This is because in such questions, there is no way the student’s answer can be assessed.
  • Different schools may have different ways in solving the questions – you are in no way compelled, or recommended, to follow the problem-solving approach adopted in the course, nor influence any other to do so.

** Not applicable to 8th Std. Mathematics