Learning ≠ Studying


Children are VERY KEEN, and EAGER to LEARN (anything. . . whether it be riding a cycle, building something, or e-learning / educational videos) . . . but . . . tell them to STUDY, and . . . they HATE IT!!

Mathematics is just like anything else. If you want to get good at anything, you have to learn, and practice … practice … practice!!

You didn’t get good at cricket, or cycling, or swimming, by studying, did you? You learned it, and practiced and improved!! So it is, with Maths – do as many problems as is required to ensure you understand the concept. Some of us require more practice and some of us require less practice. Review the feedback (immediately after attempting the quiz), and understand where you went wrong.

Why dig a hole in your pocket, for “tuition”, “coaching classes”, etc., when all what you really need are questions for practice??

We are a group of friends experienced in the e-learning domain for nearly a decade. In training and mentoring the corporate world, we’ve designed various courses, targeted not just at learning, but in improving competencies. Over a year of hard (and smart) work, have resulted in these courses, made available to you at a very affordable price!! Our main motive is to get students to master maths, as this is the foundation for a lifetime!!

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Enjoy Learning!!

I-Learn Team